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IsWiX is meant to be used with Visual Studio 2008-2015 and WiX 3.0-4.0 Currently, in Visual Studio 2012 and newer, there is an "IsWiX Solution" multi project template that will create a setup and merge module project. The merge module project is automatically added as a reference to the setup project. The setup project is configured for versioning, major upgrades, .NET 4.0 requirement and easy configuration of the UI story including the insertion of a custom dialog. Additional merge modules and features can then be added using the "IsWiX Merge Module" project template. You can choose to install project templates for WiX v3.x or v4.0.

In VS under the Tools menu will find the IsWiXAddin menu item. The concept is similar to the WCF Service Configuration Editor. Selecting the IsWiXAddin menu will send the current WXS document to IsWiX where you can then manipulate it. Once you save and close, visual studio will offer to reload the document. Then you can build your merge module using Votive.

Basically IsWiX will show a series of designers relevant to the loaded document. These include:

General Information ( Product, Package, Module, Dependency elements )
Files and Folders
Custom Tables

One dditional thing to know:

IsWiX is designed to provide a starting structure for your Windows Installer XML project. It is also designed to do as much of the common, heavy XML lifting for you. On the other hand it is designed to allow you full access to the WiX language. For example, if you use IsWiX to create a Directory/Component/File for say FooService.exe, you can then manually add additional meta such as ServiceInstall and ServiceControl elements. While IsWiX won't currently understand that meta, it will persist it so long as you don't remove FooService.exe from the wxs file. In this way we attempt to be the best blend between automated authoring and full access to the XML "code" that is your installer.

Free 60 minute consultations are always available for those who would like a primer on what WiX is all about. It is our hope to ease the initial learning curve of WiX / MSI. That said, as you progress into more complicated installers, you will have to learn the basics of WiX / MSI.

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Please add a YouTube regarding IsWix for ASP.NET MVC

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Have you created a Wix primer? Perhaps on YouTube? It would really help.